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When it comes to weight loss, sometimes exercise and eating right are just not enough to get the results you desire. The founders of Men’s T Clinic® — With ten Texas locations — Dallas, Frisco, North Frisco, The Colony, Houston, Cypress, Pearland, Pasadena, Spring and Grapevine — understand how discouraging it can be for men who are trying to lose weight without success. It may not be your fault. The highly experienced team at Men’s T Clinic® has more than two decades of successfully treating men who suffer from hypogonadism, or Low T. If you think low testosterone may be inhibiting your weight loss goals, call or schedule an appointment online.

Weight Loss Q&A


What does testosterone have to do with weight loss? arrow icon

Men who gain weight or have difficulty losing weight may be experiencing symptoms of low testosterone levels. Testosterone plays a critical role in metabolism. If you are struggling to lose weight, or lack the motivation to exercise as a result of low energy or fatigue, it’s a good idea to have your testosterone levels checked by a men’s health specialist.

The highly qualified team at Men’s T Clinic® have years of experience in men’s health care, so they know exactly what to look for. In many cases, men with low testosterone levels gain weight around their middle, have a increase in body fat, and loss of muscle mass.

Your doctor routinely monitors your body mass index (BMI) and performs tests to determine if your testosterone levels are below normal, which may be contributing to your weight gain.

How can testosterone therapy help me lose weight? arrow icon

Because obesity is a risk factor in men with lower than normal testosterone levels, you should begin your weight loss program with testing. The Men’s T Clinic® staff uses a simple blood test to check testosterone levels, thyroid function, and any other factor that may be contributing to your difficulty with weight loss goals.

Before you begin a weight loss program or exercise regimen, your doctor may recommend starting with testosterone therapy to get your levels back to a normal range. While treating you for low testosterone (Low T), your doctor continues to monitor your BMI and other areas of concern.

Many men discover that as a result of testosterone therapy, their energy levels return to normal, they feel better, and they can more easily lose weight and increase muscle mass through proper diet and exercise.

Does testosterone therapy help me lose my beer belly? arrow icon

Low T levels contribute to weight gain around your midsection. Regular therapy can help maintain your testosterone levels and work to help you lose your beer belly.

Your doctor is concerned with your overall health and well-being, so he may recommend lifestyle and dietary changes as well. Quitting smoking, eating healthier, increasing daily activity, and limiting alcohol intake can help with weight loss for your belly and your whole body.

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