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Thank you for 10 Years!

Men's T Clinic is celebrating a decade of Total Wellness Optimization all month with $25 T Tests for new patients and 30% off of all Performance Injections for new and existing patients.

We are honored to serve the DFW and Houston communities and are driven by our mission to help every man GET BACK TO BEING YOU.

Be sure to mention this offer and talk benefits of TRT and Performance Injections with your provider.

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Men's T Clinic®

Testosterone Replacement located in Dallas, TX & Houston, TX, & Frisco, TX

The Authority for TRT and Men's Total Wellness Optimization, Men's T Clinic specializes in treating the underlying causes and symptoms of Low Testosterone, and more -- helping men increase their energy and mood, elevate their performance and satisfaction in the bedroom, reduce visceral fat, add muscle mass, enhance sleep and mental clarity, and regain vitality and confidence. 


Texas born in 2014, Men's T Clinic serves men across the Dallas Metroplex and Houston areas —  with ten convenient locations, including: Dallas (Addison), Frisco (121/Independence), North Frisco, The Colony, Grapevine, Cypress, Spring, Pearland, Pasadena, and Houston (Heights).


Men's T Clinic changed the game for Men's Total Wellness Optimization, and continues to change the lives of thousands of men for the better every day through individualized plans, dedicated providers, and a dynamic line-up of therapies -- helping you get back to being you in every aspect of your life -- quickly, safely and effectively.


In tandem with or independent of TRT, Men's T Clinic also offers discreet and highly effective Sexual Wellness Solutions; Weight and Muscle Mass Optimization Solutions; Natural and Regenerative Therapies for Pain, Hair Loss and Sexual Wellness -- and, more. 


Men's T Clinic was founded with three objectives in mind:

To break the stigmas and misconceptions surrounding Low Testosterone, and Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Serve the Total Wellness Optimization needs of men like never before:

Through Safe, Effective, Convenient, Comprehensive, Individualized, Relational,  Patient-first Care from a team obsessed with helping men feel their best.

Create a male-focused clinic anchored with expert providers and innovative therapies; that is convenient and comfortable for a man who is looking to edge up at the office, in the bedroom, at the gym, for his family and for himself.  

Our Why:

The Men’s T Clinic® team understands the debilitating effects Low T can have on everyday life. For years, Men's T Clinic's founders went untreated, were misdiagnosed, or were forced to treat their symptoms instead of the underlying causes of their low testosterone.

And therapy... was one sized fits all.

They knew men deserved more, and that was the driving force for coming together to start Men's T Clinic.

The outcomes for our founders, and the thousands of men treated by Men's T Clinic have been nothing short of phenomenal. Optimizing their testosterone levels and offering innovative tandem services have resulted in an increase in physical and mental drive, better moods, increased libido and sexual vitality, a decrease in unhealthy visceral (belly) fat, and increased muscle mass -- among other positive results.


Our Mission:

Total wellness optimization, for every man. 


What to Expect:

TRT through Men's T Clinic is individualized, and a treatment plan is typically established after two initial visits. Men's T Clinic offers multiple treatment options to serve the need of the patient based upon medical history, life stage, and more. Treatments can range from injection therapy to pharmaceutical gels and creams and/or ancillary services to enhance results or in lieu of TRT. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is covered by most insurance plans, but cash options are available, as is Care Credit (also offered for our Ancillary Service Line-up).


Get Started:

Our founding Medical Director, Dr. Salvatore Campo, directs the treatment plans and leads our medical team at Men's T Clinic, with more than two decades of experience diagnosing and treating Low T, for men of all ages. If you suspect that you suffer from Low T and want relief, call one of Men’s T Clinic®’s convenient locations or schedule an appointment online, today. Our Patient Care Coordinators at each location can schedule your inital appointment with a dedicated clinic director, many times, the day you call.  Insurance information will be collected prior to your appointment for your convenience, and cash payment options can also be discussed in a clear and simple manner.  Bloodwork will be take in-house and treatment can begin in as little as 48 hours for those who safely qualify. Ancillary offerings are also available in-tandem or indepedent of therapy and can also be discussed at your initial visit.


Not all T Therapy is created equal.

Experience the Men's T Clinic difference.

We are honored to have the opportunity to help you get you back to being you

photo of Men's T Clinic®
photo of Men's T Clinic®
photo of Men's T Clinic®
photo of Men's T Clinic®
photo of Men's T Clinic®

Men's T Clinic can help you get back to being you.


Men’s T Clinic® offers insurance, cash, and membership options for men looking to Combat the Underlying Causes and Symptoms of Low Testosterone, Enhance their Sexual Vitality, and more.

Our specialized Testosterone Replacement Therapies, independently or in tandem with our Ancillary Service offerings, are offered to meet our patients' individual needs, while maximize therapy results and satisfaction.

As a new patient, your insurance will be verified, and costs and options will be discussed with you prior to your first appointment. If you qualify for treatment, a weekly treatment plan with billing options will be discussed at your preliminary appointment.

For most accurate results, we recommend making your initial appointment prior to 10am.

Not all services offered by Men’s T Clinic® are covered by insurance. If you have any questions as to what your coverage options may be, we invite you to call the nearest location for more information.

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Words from our patients

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    "I have been going to Men’s T Clinic® for a year and a half now and I have to say it’s really changed my life."

    Joey C.
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    "Amazing customer service and very informative. No pressure at all, just looking out for what is best for the client!"

    Corey B.
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    "Great place, efficient warm staff, knowledgeable, caring doctors. I found my fountain of youth!

    Angelo L.
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    "The staff at Men's T Clinic® has been great to me."

    George R.
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    "The staff is top notch."

    Lawrence H.
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    "My experience at Men's T Clinic® has been excellent."

    Jeffrey R.
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    "Excellent service. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Will recommend to friends and family."

    Thomas F.
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    "Game changer, these guys work miracles!"

    Derek L.
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    "Great staff and convenient location."

    Christopher M.