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Men's Health + Total Wellness Optimization

Men's T Clinic®

Testosterone Replacement located in Dallas, TX & Houston, TX, & Frisco, TX

Men's T Clinic's mission is total wellness optimization, for every man. Our comprehensive, safe and proven therpaies work independently and in-tandem, to treat the whole man - regardless of his age, need or goal.

Our dedicated medical team, lead by Dr. Salvadore Campo, is obsessed with helping you fine tune your health with an arsenal of patient-led products and services for men of all ages.

From Hormone and Testosterone Optimization to Weight Loss, Muscle Mass Optimization and Recovery to Non-surgical Regenerative Therapy [Joint Pain, Sexual Wellness and Hair Loss], and Sexual Wellness and Performance Therapies- Men's T Clinic is the authority for Men's Health and Total Wellness Optimization and look forward to welcoming you into one of our ten convenient DFW and Houston-area clinic locations for a complimentary consultation and to establish an individualzed treatment plan.

Our services have been described as "life-saving" and "game-changing". You'll never regret taking that step to getting back to being you.

Dr. Campo, Bob, Derek, Kelly, Erik and the entire MTC medical and patient-services teama dedicates their lives to Men's Health, and the life-changing work they do at Men's T Clinic.  

Stop putting off the symptoms of what could be Low T.

Stay confident between the sheets. Reduce brain fog. Take on your work day, and that next deal. Make that tee time. Finish that set. Coach your son's team. Get back to being you, with Men's T Clinic.

The Authority for Men's Health + Total Wellness Optimization


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Men’s T Clinic focuses on treating the entire man, rather than simply prescribing medications that mask the symptoms of underlying conditions.  

Men's T Clinic has an arsenal of patient-led Men's Health Products + Services, including:

  • Comprehensive in-house blood testing
  • Prostate health checks
  • Men’s general health physicals
  • Low Testosterone Testing + Treatment 
  • Regenerative Therapy
  • Peptide Therapy
  • Line-up of ED and Sexual Wellness offerings
  • Booster Injections + IV Therapy
  • Muscle Mass + Recovery Options
  • More

What can I expect at my initial appointments at Men’s T Clinic®? arrow icon

Founded by men, for men, Men’s T Clinic®’s professional staff are Men's Health Pros. They have pioneered normalizing the need and desire for testosterone replacement therapy and the various ancillary services that meet a man where he is in his life stage, at the gym and between the sheets. The first step is to call the clinic or schedule an appointment online: They can verify your insurance and schedule a time that works with your busy schedule. Cash options are also available. Walk-in appointments are also available M-F until 11am for Testosterone Testing. Calling in advance will help us better prepare for your visit.

For your initial visit, you can plan to be at the clinic for 30 minutes. While you’re there, you fill out a short questionnaire, have a simple blood test to determine your testosterone levels (if that is one of your concerns), and speak with your location's clinic director about your health concerns and any questions about services offered at Men's T Clinic. Wifi is availble for checking email or the market while our in-house lab processes your rest results. You can also head back to the office and we can call you with results. Regardless of your results, you can expect to come back for one additional blood draw to ensure an accurate assessment of your T-levels, and to establish an inidividualzed treatment plan.


What conditions does Men’s T Clinic® treat? arrow icon

Men’s T Clinic's Men's Health and Optimization Treatment Options treat the underlying causes of Low T and more for men of all ages, and include:

  • Low libido (sex drive)
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Overall health
  • Prostate health
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Muscle mass or loss
  • Fatigue
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Sexual Wellness, Performance and Enhancement
  • Energy / Fatigue 
  • Joint Main
  • Hair Loss
  • Recovery

Call or schedule an appointment online to discuss any of the men’s health concerns you may be facing. Men’s T Clinic® treats men of all ages, with various health and wellness needs and goals, and are obsessed with getting you, back to being you through our individualized total wellness optimization solutions.


We are the authority for testosterone replacement therapy, libido, muscle mass and sexual wellness. We focus on Men's Total Wellness Optimization.
Call us to book your appointment today.

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