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Typical Treatment Procedure


Step 1: Men's T Clinic Office Visit

Call us at 800-246-LowT to verify your insurance and schedule a time that works for you for a consult with a provider or walk into the Mens T Clinic at your convenience.

If you plan to use insurance be sure to set a morning appointment before 10:00 am, most companies require this because it gives a more accurate result.

Complete the new patient forms, print them and bring them with you for your first visit.

Step 2: Total Office Visit Time with or without an appointment - 30 minutes

Fill out a simple patient history and questionnaire if you have not done so prior to your appointment (5 minutes)

Have a simple blood draw taken to have your Testosterone levels checked (5 minutes)

While waiting for your results enjoy time in our WiFi enabled media room with free drinks, snacks, and 24 hr sports on the flat screen television (15 minutes)

Once your results are ready you will discuss them with our healthcare professional and determine if you qualify for treatment and what options are best for you (10 minutes)

If you qualify you can receive your first injection immediately or walk out with a prescription. A follow up test may be required by some insurance companies to qualify.

You are welcome to take all the time you need discussing in detail all of your options with our healthcare provider

Step 3: Return the Following Week or Next Scheduled Appointment for Injection/Prescription - 15 minutes

Not all patients will need treatment and the treatment may vary depending on each individual's case.

Men's T Clinic® will work to establish a treatment program that works best for you and your needs.

Step 4: We Understand, Schedules Change

Once on therapy you will be given a day to return. Show up anytime that day. If your schedule changes come into the clinic as close to your given day as possible.

Step 5: Optimize your Testosterone

After being on regular therapy you will be scheduled for a follow up blood test.  Show up for your regular treatment and your blood will be drawn to retest your level.

Discuss your lab results with our healthcare provider on your next visit.

Your dose will be adjusted to maintain optimal therapeutic levels, and to minimize side effects of therapy.