The Many Causes of ED and How to Overcome It

Intellectually, you understand that experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) every once in a while is perfectly normal. But it’s still frustrating and embarrassing. And it’s happening more and more frequently.

If you’re having trouble achieving or maintaining an erection, you may wonder what’s causing it. Most cases of ED are a combination of physical, medication-related, and emotional causes. The expert doctors at the Men’s T Clinic — with locations in Dallas, Frisco, The Colony, Houston, Cypress, Pearland, and Pasadena, Texas — outline a few of the most common reasons behind ED:

Medical conditions

A successful erection depends on healthy blood vessels in your penis that become engorged and stay that way until you can complete the sexual act. If you have medical conditions that affect your blood flow or narrow your blood vessels, you may experience ED. Some medical conditions that could contribute to ED include:

To resolve your ED, the experts at Men’s T Clinic first help you treat or manage any underlying medical conditions.

Medications and drugs

Many medications and recreational drugs affect your blood pressure or the integrity of your blood vessels. Let your Men’s T Clinic specialist know about any drugs you’re taking, including:

Your Men’s T Clinic expert discourages smoking, overusing alcohol, and taking recreational drugs. He may also adjust your prescription medications to help resolve your ED

Low testosterone

While you may think that ED is just a normal part of aging, it could be a sign of hypogonadism, which is characterized by low levels of the hormone testosterone (T). Other signs that you have low T levels include fatty weight gain, loss of muscle mass, and unexplained fatigue.

The Men’s T Clinic doctors specialize at resolving low T with injectable testosterone therapy. Normalizing your T levels not only restores your virility, but increases your libido as well.

Your emotions

Stressing out about ED only makes it worse. You may have underlying anxiety or depression that’s making you feel uncomfortable or insecure about having sex.

Depending on the results of your other tests, your Men’s T Clinic specialist may recommend lifestyle changes — including a whole-foods diet, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep — to help you manage your emotions. Your provider may also refer you to to another specialist for counseling.

Getting a thorough medical evaluation at the Men’s T Clinic gives you the answers you need to treat your ED. While certain medications may increase blood flow to your penis to allow you to have an erection, they don’t address the underlying causes of ED.

Find out how to overcome your ED by calling us today or booking an appointment online.

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