• The Link Between Low Testosterone and Fatigue

    on Sep 1st, 2019

When you look at your beard, your muscles, and your erection, you can thank testosterone (T) for all of them. Testosterone is a hormone that’s produced in your testicles from puberty onward, and is responsible for all of your male sexual characteristics. To a great degree, T affects your energy, too.

After age 30, T levels start to drop.By the time you hit 40, you lose about 1-2% of your testosterone every year. In your 50s (or before) you may start to have symptoms of low T, including:

And, of course, fatigue. At Men's T-Clinic — with nine convenient Texas locations in Dallas, Frisco, The Colony, Houston, Cypress, Pearland, Pasadena, Grapevine, and Spring — our doctors are experts at getting your T levels back to normal. We’ve also been there, done that on a personal level: Each of us once suffered from low T (also known by the rather unsettling term hypogonadism).

The fatigue cascade

Fatigue, of course, can be caused by more than just low T levels. You may have an undiagnosed medical condition that’s draining your energy. Your thyroid might not produce enough thyroid hormone, for example.

When you come to Men’s T-Clinic, we evaluate you with a comprehensive physical examination, blood tests, and urine tests to determine all of the factors involved in your fatigue. If you do have low T, other related symptoms can actually exacerbate your low energy.

For instance, when your T levels drop, you don’t replace muscle as easily. You also start to accumulate more body fat. With more fat, less muscle mass, and less energy, you feel less motivated to work out. 

Low T also causes insomnia, which prevents you from getting a good night’s rest. In the morning, you’re groggy, unfocused, and just plain sleepy.

Reverse the trend

If lack of T leads to symptoms that feed into the fatigue cascade, then raising T levels can get you back on track to full-on energy. Even a normal T level of 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) or more could still be too low in some men. We custom design a T-replacement therapy for you, which includes an adjustment period where we find the right dose to give you back your energy and strength.

Once your T levels are in the normal range for your biology, your symptoms start to resolve. In addition to more energy, you can expect:

To maintain your benefits, you need to keep up with your low-T treatments. We may also recommend other therapies, including thyroid medication. 

To find out if your fatigue is caused by low T, call one of our locations today or book an appointment online. 

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