Take Back Control of Your Health This Year with Testosterone Therapy

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If your New Year’s resolutions are a litany of imperatives, such as “exercise more, lose weight, focus better,” you might be able to ditch the list. If you suffer from low levels of the male hormone testosterone (T), everything from your ability to concentrate to your ability to maintain a healthy weight could be impaired.

At the Men’s T Clinic, with numerous locations in Texas, expert doctors evaluate your T levels and recommend therapy, when necessary, to boost your testosterone to normal, healthy levels. And they know, from firsthand experience, what a difference healthy T levels make in a man’s life. The Men’s T Clinic was founded by men who once suffered from hypogonadism (low T levels), too.

Decrease your belly fat

When your T levels are off, you can’t burn calories the way you used to, and so the pounds pile on. Low T suppresses your metabolism, leading to fatty weight gain, particularly around your abdomen.

If you’ve been having trouble losing belly fat, your Men’s T Clinic expert evaluates your T levels and your thyroid function. Depending on your results, he may recommend testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), thyroid medications, lifestyle changes, and other therapies to get you back in shape.

Increase your libido

If one of your resolutions is to increase intimacy with your partner, you’ll be glad to learn that TRT boosts your libido. When your T levels are too low, you may even experience erectile dysfunction (ED) or depression that negatively affects your love life.

You don’t have to let go of romance just because you’re older. Normal, healthy T levels restore your sex drive so you enjoy intimacy again without stress or embarrassment.

Build some serious muscle

All right. Losing the belly fat is a good start, but let’s get real. You don’t just want to be stronger and healthier — you want to look it, too.

By restoring your T levels through TRT, you rev up your metabolism to burn more fat and also increase lean muscle mass. Of course, TRT alone won’t build muscle (at least not at the levels you probably want). Your doctor also recommends regular weight-bearing and aerobic exercises, sufficient sleep, and plenty of high-quality protein as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Get smart (again)

If you’ve noticed that you can’t concentrate as well as you used to, or are having trouble with your memory, low T levels could be the cause the problem there, too. When testosterone dips too low, your risk for cognitive dysfunction or even Alzheimer’s increases. Therapy to restore your T levels helps bring things back into focus again.

Get help

While TRT can alleviate everything from weight gain to depression, low T levels may not be the only reason behind your symptoms. At Men’s T Clinic, your expert doctors conduct a thorough examination — including blood tests and taking a thorough medical history — to get a full and accurate clinical picture of your health. Whether you need TRT, other medications, lifestyle changes, or a combination, your doctor custom designs a treatment plan just for you.

Get started on the new year by getting your T back. Call us at one of our offices in Dallas, Frisco, The Colony, Cypress, Pearland, Pasadena, or Houston. Or use the online form to book your first appointment.

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