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MTC Cypress Welcomes New Clinic Director: James Nguyen

James Nguyen

Conveniently located on NW Corner of 249 and Barker Cypress (Near HEB)  -- Men's T Clinic - Cypress was built to power the total wellness optimization needs of busy and discriminating men who live, work, and commute through NW Houston. We wanted to give these men the indiviualized care they deserved related to Testosterone Optimization, Sexual Wellness, Weight Loss, Gaining Muscle Mass and getting back to themselves in all aspects of their lives. We changed the game for TRT, and more - and have been obsessed with delivering on our mission of Total Wellness Optimization for every man -- every day, since our inception.

Our Cypress Clinic Director, James Nguyen - APP, is driven by the Men's T Clinic mission of Total Wellness Optimization for every man, which you will feel in your individualized care, measured treatment plans, and in your results.

James is a highly credentialed provider, certified in PRP for Hair Restoration and PRP for Joint Pain. James is also certified in GAINSWave Shock Wave Therapy, as well as The P Shot™ - innovative sexual wellness solutions helping our patients' elevate their confidence and experiences when it comes to intimacy. 

James joined our Men's T Clinic family in 2023. He is double certified as an Advanced Practice Practitioner and a Chiropractic Physician. He has advanced experience and training in Neurosurgery, Orthopedics and Interventional Pain Management - from Baylor College of Medicine, and Houston Methodist.

James's unique experience lends to the comprehensive men's health standard that Men's T Clinic leads in the Houston market. 

Cypress also serves as the exclusive and dedicated location for IV Drip Therapy, in Houston. Drip therapy can serve as an in-tandem or independent therapy to your testosterone optimization needs.

We invite you to schedule an appointment today to see how James and his Men's T Clinic - Cypress Team can help you get back to being you - today!

Thank you for helping us welcome James to the Men's T Clinic Family!

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