Low Testosterone and Fatigue

It’s normal to feel extra tired every once in a while, but when you experience it chronically, it might be time to check your hormone levels. Fatigue that interferes with your daily activities, work production, and interest in sex could be a sign of low testosterone levels.

Your testosterone levels naturally decrease as you age, and usually go down about 1-2% each year after age 40. But notable fatigue accompanied by symptoms such as increased body fat and lost muscle mass may indicate they’ve dropped more significantly and need a boost.

If your low energy levels are due to a shortage of testosterone, treatment could make you feel like yourself again.

Why low testosterone causes fatigue

Testosterone is a male hormone that regulates your vitality and vigor as a man. It helps you maintain a solid metabolism and boosts physical performance. When you don’t have enough, your body runs far less efficiently -- zapping your energy.

The fatigue is chronic

Getting a poor night of sleep or having a particularly stressful week or month can make you feel tired, but usually you rebound relatively quickly. But chronic fatigue is tiredness and poor energy that persists -- you never get that rebound.

The fatigue can be so pervasive that it interferes with your memory and ability to concentrate. This can negatively affect relationships with your partner or spouse, boss, and coworkers. Plus, it may make you less effective at work and unable to perform at your best.

Insomnia and poor motivation add to the fatigue

In addition to low sex drive and weight gain, low testosterone levels may also lead to insomnia and decreased motivation. Insomnia also contributes to daytime fatigue and poor energy levels.

Decreased motivation can also make you feel tired and lazy -- so instead of wanting to do the activities you love, like going to the gym, you’d rather sit on the couch. You may also find that you’re getting all the sleep your body needs, but you still wake up feeling tired.

Tips to regain energy

One of your first steps is to get tested for low testosterone levels and get replacement therapy from our staff at Men’s T Clinic, if needed. This simple blood test can also rule out other possible causes of your fatigue.

If you do receive testosterone replacement, other adjunct lifestyle changes can help make this therapy even more successful in restoring your healthy energy levels.

To complement your testosterone replacement therapy, you can boost your energy levels with exercise, which naturally increases your testosterone production. Studies show that strength training with heavy weights is particularly effective.

A healthy diet low in processed foods, fried items, and alcohol also promotes healthier testosterone levels. Go to bed at about the same time every night and be consistent with your wake-up times, so that you get a good 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Nighttime is when your body produces the most testosterone.

Fatigue isn’t just a side effect of being an adult man with a job and family. It can be a very real sign of low testosterone levels. Contact our team at Men’s T Clinic to find out how we can help you regain your zest for life. Call our location nearest you or use the “book online” feature to make an appointment.

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