Losing Belly Fat With Testosterone Therapy

testosterone Therapy, Men's T Clinic

When you build up strength by lifting weights or working out, the hormone testosterone (T) adds more muscle cells to your muscle mass. Dense muscles and high T levels stop your body from storing as much fat and help you burn calories efficiently.

But if you put on a little extra weight, you initiate a vicious cycle: Excess fat signals your body to produce less T. With less T, it can’t build muscle as efficiently, so those protein drinks you chug after a workout get converted into fat instead. And increased fat lowers your T even more.

Aging lowers T, too

Even if you’ve kept your workouts and your diet exactly the same for the past 20 years, you might still notice fat creeping around your middle. As you age, your T levels naturally decrease. And with less T comes less muscle mass and more fat: another vicious cycle.

Belly fat makes you less masculine

If the T-loss/fat-gain cycle weren’t enough, belly fat contains the enzyme aromatase, which changes testosterone into estrogen. That means that low T levels transform some of your male hormones into female hormones. Higher levels of estrogen set off another cascade in your body that further reduces the production of T.

Get your T back on track

As you might expect, once you get your T levels up to healthy, younger levels, your body starts building muscle again and burning off fat, too. But how do you do that? Dr. Salvatore Campo and the experts at the Men’s T-Clinic first recommend lifestyle changes to jumpstart your T.

You can increase your T by:  

Your expert conducts a complete physical exam and blood work-up to custom design a treatment plan for you, including diet and exercise recommendations. Your provider may also advise testosterone therapy so that you feel more like yourself again. Your T therapy may be covered by insurance.

The right T for you

At the Men’s T-Clinic, your T therapy is designed to suit your individual needs. You may benefit from gels and creams that contain testosterone, testosterone injections, or a T pellet that’s inserted in your hip every few months.

Once your therapy rebuilds your T levels, you body becomes stronger and more efficient again. You burn off the excess belly fat, build new muscle, and start a new, un-vicious cycle that keeps you fit and healthy.

Higher T = Higher QOL

Restoring your T levels gives you a higher quality of life overall. In addition to less belly fat and more muscle, you’ll notice other benefits, including increased libido, better cognition, and more energy. T therapy also keeps your bones strong and thickens the hair on your body and scalp.

Don’t struggle with belly fat or low energy anymore. Get help with T therapy at one our Men’s T-Clinic locations in Dallas, Frisco, The Colony, Houston, Pearland, Pasadena, and Cypress, Texas. Call us or use the online form.

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