Here's What Happens to Your Hormones As You Age

You keep getting “smart” (aleck) news alerts about male menopause (more accurately called andropause) on your phone or tablet and you’re starting to wonder if the advertisers know more than you do. You’re not crying during sappy commercials, and you haven’t yet lost all interest in sex, but there’s definitely something going on in your body that you haven’t experienced before.

Andropause is gradual

The biggest difference between andropause and menopause is the timeline. Women’s hormones shift relatively quickly, which accounts for dramatic, classic symptoms like hot flashes and moodiness. Men’s hormones shift gears a lot more slowly, so you may not notice symptoms until you suddenly realize you’ve gained 10 pounds without changing your exercise routine or diet, or that you haven’t even thought about sex in weeks.

At Men’s T-Clinic, the expert doctors at our seven locations in Dallas, Frisco, The Colony, Houston, Cypress, Pearland, and Pasadena, Texas, have all experienced the sneaky, age-related decline of hormones. Whether you think you’re in the middle of andropause, or are curious about what’s in store for you down the road, here are some of the hormonal changes you can expect as you age: 

Testosterone packs up and goes

No, you didn’t have a fight, but your testosterone has packed its bags and is on the way out once you hit 30 or so. What can you do or say to get it back? But wait, do you even want to?

One of the symptoms of low testosterone (low T) is a lack of motivation. So if you’ve noticed changes in your body that normally would trouble you, and you haven’t taken action to reverse them, you may have low T. Classic symptoms that your body’s hit the “pause” button on T are:

Getting more sleep and exercise can help normalize your T levels. However, low T also interferes with your ability to get good restorative rest, which may tempt you to downgrade your workout, too.

If you suspect you have low T, our doctors conduct a physical exam and take a blood test to determine how much testosterone you have. When your levels are low or on the low side of normal, they may recommend testosterone therapy to make you feel like your old (or young) motivated self again.

Thyroid chills out

Are you cold a lot? Your thyroid — a butterfly shaped gland at the base of your throat — may be underperforming, a condition known as hypothyroidism. Like all of your organs, your thyroid gets tuckered out as you age and may slow its production of thyroid hormone.

Thyroid hormone generates body heat and also helps you burn calories. So if your thyroid’s low, your body temperature may be lower than the average 98.6 degrees and you might pack on the pounds. Hypothyroidism can also cause other troubling symptoms, including:

As part of your work-up at the Men’s T-Clinic, we test your thyroid function, too. If your thyroid hormone is low, we recommend medication to get your levels in a healthy range again.

Don’t put up with andropause symptoms. Call one of our offices today or book a hormone evaluation online

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