My PCP says my testosterone levels are “normal” and doesn’t think I need therapy but I feel like I do. Why is that?

Production of testosterone levels in the body can vary and a blood test is a snap shot of your current production. What is considered normal is not age adjusted.  Men between the ages of 18 and 80 can have a wide range of levels. A 35 year old should not have the same levels as a 65 year old. Multiple things can determine your level at any given time. For example, increases in the cortisol hormone (which increases with stress) have been known to lower testosterone. Testosterone levels from 350ng/mL to 1000ng/mL are considered normal. You could be in the low normal range. Hypogonadism (Low T) is diagnosed when symptoms and testosterone levels are considered. If you are borderline and have symptoms you can be effectively managed with testosterone and qualify for therapy.