The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

For some couples, Mother’s Day is a tricky holiday. The kids can get away with macaroni paintings and a handmade card, but as a husband, how do you thank your wife for everything she does as a mother?


Some guys think washing the dishes or vacuuming the house is a solid way to say, “thanks” on Mother’s Day, but there’s just one problem – that’s not what she really wants. After so many years of work, marriage, and raising children, the best gift of all would be to spend some time with the guy she married. Testosterone therapy can make that happen!

How Low Testosterone Is Effecting Your Marriage

Kids and work may be demanding, but it’s not all that causes stress. Beyond the obvious damage to your sex drive, low T can also cause mood swings and low energy, both of which can make it difficult for you and your wife to enjoy spending time together.

Combine your worsened mood with sexual frustrations, and your wife may start to feel confused and frustrated about the changes in your relationship. You might know that it’s you, not her, but she doesn’t. All she knows is that things aren’t what they used to be between you two, and it’s hurting your relationship.

Get Real About the Issue – For Her

The first step towards reversing the tides in your marriage? Be honest about what you’re feeling and what’s happening. Don’t stop at just talking. Start taking action to fix the issue.

For some men, this could mean looking into medication. However, these medications can cause more problems than they fix. The best way to confirm and understand what’s happening is to have your testosterone levels checked. Finding out is the first step towards a better life, and ultimately, you have nothing to lose.

However, checking your levels is just one way to show your commitment and achieve results. To really show her you care, start taking the right lifestyle steps:

  • Start Exercising Together: Even with proper testosterone levels, working out is an essential part of looking and feeling your best. To keep you on track and to make it about “us”, offer to work out with your wife. Even if it’s just a nightly jog, a little can go a long way.
  • Work on Your Diet: Picking better meals and offering to help with food choice and preparation is a great way to show you care and that you’re serious about getting back on the right track.

Give the Gift of a Better Life Together

We’re not saying you should skip the roses, but taking steps to improve your life together is the best Mother’s Day gift a wife can get. If you’re ready to take action, getting a screening is the first step.

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