Fat man does the splits

Make a Comeback With Our Tips to Get in Shape

Have you noticed a little extra pudge around your belly? Perhaps you even are sporting that infamous beer belly that is the bane of existence to many men. Getting back in shape after a period of inactivity (short or long) can be quite difficult. While changing your diet and getting more exercise can help you get your body back in fighting shape it can be quite a difficult process.

Getting Started

Getting started is perhaps the most difficult aspect of getting back into shape. When it comes to fitness, experts suggest sticking to a routine that is enjoyable for you.  Depending on your current fitness level, this may be taking a kickboxing class or even just taking a daily stroll. But, it is vital to pick an activity that is easy to follow and feasible for your current fitness level. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends setting short and long-term goals to keep you motivated. As the weeks and months go by, monitor your progress and continue to make new goals. As you get stronger, try to vary your workouts to include a mix of cardio and strength training.

Experts also recommended that you pencil in your workouts on a calendar so you can fit them into your day with ease.  While exercise is a great start to getting in shape, you must match it with a healthy diet.

Changing your diet is one of the hardest elements of losing weight and getting back into shape.  Instead of trying to radically change your diet overnight, experts recommend adjusting your diet gradually. Just make simple changes, like switching out butter for olive oil or limiting sugar. Over time, your body will adjust to eating healthier and your cravings for processed sugar will disappear.

* A quick warning –  Sugar & Salt is everywhere!  From spaghetti sauce to TV dinners, there is hidden sugar and salt in just about everything. So be sure to look at the nutrition label before you buy.

Diet & Exercise Not Enough?

Have you overhauled your diet and made exercise a part of your daily routine but still feel tired? Or are you just not getting the results you thought you would? It may be your testosterone levels. You can’t fully reap the benefits of your workout without proper T levels. Give the experts at Men’s T Clinic a visit to get a full workup.