We know Hypogonadism or Low T

The founders of Men's T Clinic suffer from hypogonadism or Low T.  They founded the Men's T Clinic with three objectives:
  • Spread the word about hypogonadism
  • Offer Low Testosterone Replacement Treatment to men suffering from the symptoms of Low T
  • Provide a male focused health clinic dedicated to its therapy

We know how you feel

The founders understand the debilitating effects the symptoms can have on everyday life.  For years these men went untreated or were misdiagnosed and treated for symptoms and not the cause. After trying several different treatments and doctors, each found best results with regular therapy. The outcomes for these men have been nothing short of phenomenal. All have seen an increase in physical and mental drive, better moods, increased libido, and a decrease in belly fat. Men's T Clinic set out on a mission to improve men's health by establishing a conveniently located, no appointment necessary clinic to provide therapy. We offer multiple treatment options to suit the patient, not the drug companies.  Treatment can range from injection therapy to pharmaceutical gels and creams. Treatment can begin on your first visit and therapy is covered by most insurance plans. Our motto is "get back to being you." Men's T Clinic treatment plans are directed by Dr. Salvatore Campo. Dr. Campo has been treating hypogonadism (Low T) for over two decades.